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Gang Culture and Family Intervention: African American Youth and the Trauma of Criminalized Urban Settings This cultural study will define the problem of criminal urban settings in the formation of trauma for American youth related with gang activities. The primary risk of African American trauma for teenagers exposes the individual to violence, murder, and incarceration due to peer pressure to join gangs. African-American youth are a high-risk population by being exposed to murder, violence, and…. Definitely not a new phenomenon, but yet a huge problem that needs to be addressed.

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Gang violence in Los Banos continues to rapidly increase, especially among youth, influencing negatively and leading to lives of crime. In statistics show Los Banos having ten active adult gangs, two youth gangs with a total of about five hundred seventy-five active gang members with numbers rapidly increasing Inside Prison. In , the city of Phoenix, Arizona was experiencing an increase in gang activity among their youth. Adolescents were engaging in illicit activities such a drug dealing, which often caused issue with other gangs and led to violence.

There are gangs everywhere but the ones we hear about the most are the ones associated with the youth. By reading the article I already agree with what he has to say. It is about learning about gangs and how most of them are affiliated with races.

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If one wants to know how they operated then we must know that race can determine what each gang is and the…. In fact, the number of reported violent gang crimes…. Although rating crime consistency in relation to social class is controversial. Crime rates are often gathered through crime statistics which are lacking in classifying people appropriately.

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Statistics can also be less reliable if police are more likely to arrest suspects considered to be lower-class than the middle-class. Nevertheless, it was once believed that youth gang affiliation we something…. Any opinions, findings, conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of LawTeacher.

This dissertation will examine and explore the issues of why young people join street gangs. Research has been undertaken on gangs and my dissertation looks at a range of concepts and theories relating to street gangs and young people. Therefore I will be discussing different theoretical explanations about young people and street gangs. This topic is of great interest to me as I know individuals who have got themselves involved in criminal behaviour, but at a young age we shared the same values.

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So why are some of us in higher education and working, whilst some of our peers are involved in criminal activity and have criminal records? This topic of young people and streets gangs is of great interest to me for a number of reasons. I have interacted with gang members in my early years and I also know individuals who have been and still are involved in a street gang.

In terms of reference, for this research paper young people are referred to children, teenagers and adolescents. For the purpose of this work young people are those to be aged between 13 and This paper will focus on street gangs only. The term street gangs in this paper will be referred to a group of youths who form an allegiance, bound together by mutual interests, with identifiable leadership, well- developed lines of authority, and other organisational features, who act in concert to achieve a specific purpose or purposes which include the conduct of illegal and criminal activity and control over a particular territory, facility, or type of enterprise.

Walter Miller They may also have one or more of the following qualities such as sharing a common group name, share common symbols, tattoos, graffiti, style of dress, claim a location and have regular continues gathering.

Youth Gangs: An Essay Review | Social Service Review: Vol 66, No 1

The concern of young people in gangs is a very popular subject study area in sociology, psychology and criminology and this fits in well with my degree as there is an in creasing number of young people joining street gangs which has raised alarming concerns to the wider public, political parties and to the criminal justice system.

The concern of young people in street gangs is alarming due to an increasing report of gang related incidents. The concern of street gangs is alarming in the United States. Declassified National Gang Assessment report showed an increase of My dissertation will involve looking at vast majority of theories to why young people join street gangs.

I will be looking at psychological, criminological, sociological theories and other school of thoughts so I can explore and evaluate their ideas and concepts as different school of thoughts have different views. Bernstein and Critical issues in crime and justice by Albert R. Roberts to explain theories.

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For example Criminologist Edwin H. He suggested that if other people were held in a high regard, this would have also impacted on weather his or her values and behaviours were adopted by the individual. He explains that young people who join groups no longer feel alienated or demoralized and they feel much better about them selves. For this reason he explains this is why it is so difficult to get young people out of any group that is powerful and passionate.

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They would not leave as they feel so much better about them selves. Abraham Maslow described that weather a gang is legal or illegal; members join for the same reasons which are rooted in the five basic human needs. Maslow basically indicated they all want security of being able to be identified with a group and find solidarity through the group membership. Critical issues in crime and justice by Albert r. There are many theories on why young people are involved in street gangs, some however consider it to be related to genes.

Kevin Beaver, a biosocial criminologist from Florida State University FSU states that latest study released on June 5th shows that a low level Allele activity of the Monoamine Oxidase MAO-A gene in young men, both increased likelihood of joining a gang and to a greater tendency to use weapons and violence. For my dissertation I will be undertaking a variety of research from secondary to primary sources. I will be undertaking secondary research from a wide range of books, articles, journals, publications and home office reports which would help to write up this dissertation.

The advantage of using secondary research is that there is a variety of literate on young people and street gangs that is available for me to use.

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For the purpose of theories and background information there are a variety of books available from educated professional who would provide me with an enormous wealth of information including facts, figures and opinions. For my secondary research I would also use visual and audio recorded interviews of ex-gang members who have shared their life experiences as being in a gang.

This will be done by attending events and gatherings where ex-gang members share their life stories with youths about the danger of that life style. This can help me to understand gangs and the reasons why some choose to enter or exit gangs.

Secondary research will help me to analyse existing information and help me to explore certain areas in depth. My primary research would include interviewing real gang members who are present in a gang or have experience of being in a gang. To do this I have decided to get in touch with gang members from the United States of America.

The reason for this is because not only America has very high levels of gang related violence compared to the UK but it also has an increasing rate of gangs and gang memberships. So by interviewing gang members from America, this would help me to see how gang life really is and why they have chosen to take part in gang membership. The interviews with the gang members from America would be done through online conference call, webcam or email etc and all ethical procedures will be considered such as keeping their identity private as they would not wish to be identified as they are gang members.

I would also get in touch with youth centres that deal with young people and gang members. I will try to talk to members of staff, asking questions about the subject matter of young people in gangs. The information gained will be written and baring in mind all ethical procedures will be taken into account such as health and safety for participants involved, keeping questions short, simple, to the point, as individuals will be busy themselves.

The reason I have decided to choose these methods of research is because I believe that it is a very good way to find the results I am looking for and it would help me with my evaluation throughout. The issue of young people joining street gangs has indeed raised concern to adults and peer groups due to the unbearable violence and behaviour reported in the media and witnessed in communities. As I have mentioned previously in the UK and in the United States, statistics show that the level of street gang activity is on an increase. The phenomenon of street gangs is not new and street gangs do come from a long history.

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Street gangs have been in existence for many centuries. During the 17th century street gangs were common in Great Briton, but little was known about them due to the lack of coherent research at the time. During the 17th century, church and court records did identify the presence of youth street gangs in England, Germany, France and Switzerland Gillis, , Klein, , Sheldon et al.

The lack of coherent research on these street gangs meant that the names given to these groups were of a distinctly local character such as street Arabs, roughs and hooligans. The gangs in question were often territorially distinct groups that emerged from the impoverished working class neighbourhoods near the city center.

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They often engaged in violent clashes with neighbouring gangs and used a wide range of weapons ibid. In North America, during the 18th and 19th century the growth of street gang activity resulted from such events, like the industrial revolution and the migration of European settlers. Street gang activity grew out of the class structured society based on ethnicity and racial distinctions. The industrial revolution and immigration was responsible for forming slum conditions and poverty in a class structured society.

Soon after, the first American criminal street gangs were reported.