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In order to earn that title, an individual must first earn a high school diploma and then complete an Emergency Medical Technician EMT training course, and then either complete an associate degree program or certification course. It varies from state to state. Whichever educational route they pursue, EMTs and Paramedics must also care for their bodies by being physically fit, be able to lift and carry lbs. Besides transporting sick or injured people to a hospital, paramedics have legal and ethical responsibilities in their role.

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They carry out their medical functions based upon orders from an administrative medical doctor who decides on treatment and care of the patients the paramedics are helping. Paramedics also give medication and make on-site decisions about the kinds of emergency care and aid to administer.

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Becoming a paramedic is the highest level of certification. Along with that level of certification comes the responsibility of helping people in need.

Nevertheless, despite the best training and preparation for their roles, paramedics also experience loss of life, grief, and tragedies that are simply a part of life and the kind of work they do. Their work can be exhausting, demanding, and difficult, especially when having to work on an irregular or rotating shift. The rewards, however, tend to outweigh the stresses for those paramedics who remain in their chosen line of work.

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Their training and experiences help prepare them to make a difference to victims of heart attacks, blocked airways, traumatic injuries, childbirth, drownings, or care for those with a diabetic emergency or seizures; for example. Just like the very best paramedics, Community Care Ambulance works hard to deliver superior service and quality care through our professional and compassionate workforce.

Community Care Ambulance Follow. Here is my breakdown from what I can remember: Chemistry: laws - dalton's law, boyle's law, etc.

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Anyways, you can give yourself an hour to figure this one out as all questions are different. This essay would determine which english class you would go into, if accepted into the program. That is all that I recall as of now, but please, if anyone has any questions about the exam, do not hesitate to ask! Hey there!

I know you posted this like a year ago, but I hope you get this anyways! I am writing the exam in the next coming weeks and had a couple of questions and was hoping you would maybe remember something! Were the questions straight forward or were they about the tiniest of details? Are the questions random, or are they more tailored for paramedics? For example, in the biology portion youd see more about anatomy etc rather than "What is the second law of thermodynamics?

Did you have to do any chemical equation balancing?