What are evaluative essays

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Evaluation essay thesis: how to write

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Have you ever submitted a survey rating some product or service from one to five? Such surveys usually help us to find out how you like or dislike something. It deals with the personal feeling and emotions and that is usually true for any evaluation essay. Like in any personal essay a researcher must think about some point and take his own point of view about it.

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No matter whether you are writing about a movie, a book or technology, evaluation essay is the best way to express your thoughts and ideas clearly. That is why some employers or college admission committee usually use such type of essay as the test assignment.

Evaluation Essay Criteria

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The introduction of an evaluative essay should mention the item or idea being evaluated, and provide background information about it. For example, if a student is evaluating the book "Catching Fire" by Suzanne Collins, they should explain that the book is the second book in the bestselling "Hunger Games" trilogy, as well as provide other pertinent background information about the book.

The thesis should explain the overall evaluation and provide the major criteria for evaluation. For example, "'Catching Fire' is an excellent book for older children and teens because it is fast-paced and has strong characters that are positive role models. However, the plot of 'Catching Fire' is not as absorbing as the first book in the series, 'The Hunger Games. Each supporting paragraph should cover one of the criteria mentioned in the thesis. The paragraphs should have strong topic sentences that guide the reader as the author moves from criteria to criteria. If the instructor requires sources, the student should use those sources to support their evaluation.

Examples of appropriate sources for an evaluative essay include well-known critics or experts, or well-regarded sources of reviews, such as "Consumer Reports.

The Evaluative Essay

The conclusion of an evaluative essay usually provides a final recommendation based on the criteria they discussed in the essay. The author should state whether they would recommend the item, or whether they subscribe to the idea being evaluated. If they would recommend the item or idea, but only for a limited group of people or only under certain circumstances, they should make that clear.

For example, a student might state "'Catching Fire' should be recommended reading for all students aged 12 to