Use of brackets in english essays

Brackets and parentheses are used infrequently to separate a set of characters, a word, phrase or a sentence from those on either side.

These punctuation marks show the reader the fine details. They allow the reader to hear what the author would have said if the text was being read aloud. Brackets parentheses are punctuation markers used to enclose an explanatory word, phrase or sentence, an aside or a commentary, for example 'She was referring to her friend Shirley again'.

If you remove the information that is inside the parentheses, the sentence must still make sense. Full stops, question marks or exclamation marks are usually put outside the brackets unless the brackets enclose a complete sentence. Square Brackets are placed around extra information in a text; and are typically used for editorial comments, corrections, and clarifications. Square brackets can also be used to add something into a sentence that was taken out by the writer. This could mean 60 miles per hour, 60 kilometres per hour or 60 miles per hour in which case the editor may clarify which using square brackets [60 kilometres per hour].

Clarify meaning by providing a comment or additional information and separate information that isn't essential to the meaning of the rest of the sentence. Introduce an acronym or abbreviation, or the expansion of an acronym, which will be used independently later in the text.

How to Use Brackets

Enclose the name and date of a letter to the editor or an article that a writer is responding to. Indicate an aside or comment revealing a character's point of view in narratives. Indicate in quotes the insertion of a word, prefix, suffix or capitalisation in order to fit the quote into the sentence so it will flow.

Use brackets around the italicised word sic from Latin, meaning 'thus,' or 'thus it is,' to indicate that an error or peculiarity in a quotation is being reproduced exactly as it was originally said or written:. Use brackets to enclose figures following and confirming written-out numbers, especially in legal and business documents:. Students use the following examples to take a line of text from the text they are currently studying to create sentences similar to the structure.

Remember the three main components of a strong paragraph topic statement, support, conclusion when writing your final assignments. Fly explained that the three characters Harry, Hermione and Ron were integral to the novel.

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Fly compared the writing of J. Rowling to that of other famous writers J. Tolkien, C. Lewis and Ursula Le Guin who wrote fantasy novels. Ask students to collect examples of the ways in which brackets are used to clarify communication in each of their subjects and contribute these to a display or collection which could later be used for discussion by the class. ACELA Understand the use of punctuation conventions including colons, semicolons, dashes and brackets in formal and informal texts. ENB: Makes effective language choices to creatively shape meaning with accuracy, clarity and coherence.

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When and How to Use Brackets

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Parentheses and Brackets

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Basic Punctuation: How & When to Use Brackets

Community languages schools. Schools funding. Tertiary pathways. Teaching and learning. Round brackets - - are used in a similar way to commas when we want to add further explanation, an afterthought, or comment that is to do with our main line of thought but distinct from it.

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Many grammarians feel that the parentheses can, in fact, be replaced by commas in nearly all cases. Skip to main content. English usage Punctuation. Brackets and Parentheses. Examples The government's education report April shows that the level of literacy is rising in nearly all areas.