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Term 3 starts on the 1st August Last day for course enrolment is 31st July Make sure you have ordered and paid for your Term 3 courses by 31st July Now showing items of Using modern categories of alternative dispute resolution The study begins with an in-depth analysis This dissertation asks how the theological anthropologies of T. Torrance, Dietrich Bonhoeffer, and Willie Jennings help Christians diagnose and subvert the idolatry of our current racial imagination.

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It concludes that The system of small groups John Wesley established to promote a proper life of discipleship in early Methodist converts was, in many respects, the strength of the Methodist movement. A theology of institutions is dependent upon an imagination sparked by the cross and shaped by the hope of the resurrection. Creative destruction is the institutional process of dying so that new life might flourish for This work offers a theological reading of and response to migration restrictions in the United States of America, focusing on their instantiation in the U.

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Throughout the life of the Church, certain habits have been cultivated to shape the identity of its community and deepen our communion with God. We see in the writings of the Desert Fathers that attentiveness is one habit This dissertation attempts to retrieve the integration of prayer and theology in the life of the church.

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Prayer is a spiritual and bodily theological activity that forms Christian identity and virtuous character. The bodily My objective ABSTRACTIn this dissertation I examine Calvin's trinitarian theology as it intersects his theology of materiality in order to argue for a positive theological account of the liturgical arts.

I do so believing that Calvin's What follows is a novel.