Speech on success is a journey not a destination

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Product description Product Description SIAJ Many people go through life wondering what it takes to be successful in life, but they never figure it out. Not Enabled.

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7 Principles To Live By For A Successful, Happy Life - Motivational Video

By the idle words, some men have destroyed themselves and their life that would otherwise could have been one of great enjoyment and pleasure. Disappointments have been the source of the greatest genius, inventions, creations and successes. Disappointments force us to think, look, listen and make radical changes in our lives. Tragedies bring into light the self within us that we never knew existed.

Impressive Speech on Success in simple and easy words

Some of the disappointments in my life have made me realize the extent of strength I had within me that I never knew of. It's the nature's way of teaching us lessons necessary for us at the particular moment. Nature is ever evolving and it's always setting an example for us to move upward and onward continuously.

However, some of us refuse to listen to the divine voice and stay amid our past or the ruins unless death of a friend or lover, end of a comfortable occupation or source of living or a great tragedy that forces us to change. As Napoleon Hill said, FIn every adversity, there lies a seed of equal or greater benefit. They come to guide us, teach us, and make us think about things we never would otherwise learn. Tragedies change the course of our life.

Life is a Journey, Not a Destination. Customer Success is Both.

They bring into the light our faults and weaknesses which would otherwise remain undetected. We attract not what we want but who we are and if we are to attract better people and circumstances, we must build those qualities in ourselves. We must become one with our ideal dreams and desires. Creator of the universe has made us in such a way that we must move on in our life or perish.

All the experiences in our life good and bad come to teach us things that we must learn at the moment, apply the information and get on with what we must do. Before you complain about anything, be thankful for your life and the things that are still going well. Let's take at least one step each day to cover the distance. Thank you for your contribution to my direction.

Life is a masterpiece that you create. Free of the frantic and discord. I used to be one of them; until my life got loud and dramatic, down right unbearable at moments. And now I love the volumes of my life. The sound of joy, heartbreak, ecstasy. It is all for the fine tuning of our soul. We learn to calibrate the sounds of life. No more sensitivity, but making it all music.