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At times, having exams will cause some poor achievers to feel degraded and it is demoralizing.

They will think badly of themselves and also very depressed. This is because they will be looked down by other good achievers and they will feel that they are hopeless. When they feel that they are hopeless, the rate of becoming drug addicts or criminals will be very high.

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During examinations, most of the students will go through a lot of stress. They always burn midnight oil to study more and hope that they could get good results in exam, but this is not good for their health. They will get sick easily during exam because they do not have enough sleep and it cause their body defense system.

Some of those who have a little bit of mental problem will be worse. When they are stressed, they would do whatever they want to do, including kill or hurt other people.

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Some students in Japan commit suicide when they get poor results. Sometimes, examinations cannot measure a real standard of a person. Choose this essay type only if you are able to write sound and compelling arguments using clear and logical reasoning.

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Flawed or faulty arguments and lack of conviction are some of the weaknesses of a poorly written essay. Techniques in argumentative writing You must be able to look at both sides of an argument — The ability to look at both sides of an argument is essential as this will help you present your case better. Decide the order in which you want to present your ideas — For an effective essay, begin with the most important reason and end with one that is just as good or convincing.

Do you agree? These examinations are taken seriously by all parties involved, especially students because the results are used for a wide range of purposes ranging from placement of students to awarding of scholarships. Despite these advantages, I strongly believe that public examinations should be abolished as they have several drawbacks. Higher order thinking skills such as application and inference are often neglected. Students with excellent memory do well in such examinations while those with poor memorising skills do poorly.

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Thus, it is not surprising that many students with poor recall skills loathe subjects like History and Biology. Another case in point is the Moral Education paper, which requires students to memorise moral values. An A in this paper does not guarantee that the student is a morally sound and virtuous individual. And what about the student who gets an E?

Are we suggesting that he is not a morally upright individual? This is because these examinations test only certain skills. Allow me to illustrate my point. For all you know, he may be an incompetent speaker. Or for that matter, does a C mean a student is about average in all the language skills? Another major drawback is that teaching in schools today is largely influenced by public examinations.

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Teachers teach to prepare students for exams and not for life. As such, many of our students are ill-prepared to face the challenges of the real world. This also goes against the grain of our National Philosophy of Education where the emphasis is on character building and the development of human capital. All parties involved are to be blamed for this as they are more concerned with student achievement and not student development. Finally, in their quest for excellent academic results, school becomes a bore and a chore.

The main reason exams are waste of time is the fact that large majority of them are memory text only and any one with basic knowlege on how human mind works that memory's divided into long term memory and short time memory. Firstly when students studies for exams they usually ends up putting lot of information they intake in short period of time leading up to the exam on on the short memory, thus they will forget most if not all of it within minutes or hours after they have handed in the exam.

Should Public Examinations be Abolished?

As the brain with consider these infromation redundant. When a studient know he has to memorize large amount of information in short period of time, he will also be worried if he will remember all these information he has aquired during the exams, which can cause various form of mental blocks. Such as don't remember what was "learned" prior to the exam then remember soon as exam is over and has been handed in. Resulting in lower grade, or student not performng at all on the test and freak out causing serious distress and mental health effects. Because students will be more worried about the grade they get than what they actuall learn, thus not having any actual knowledge of the source material despite what the grade say.

The student that score only minimal passing grade or even fail grade might somtimes even be the one that has much more knowledge on the source material on the whole than the person that scored the highest grade. As exam cannot and will not cover the entry course subject matter then you would need much longer exam than 60 min - min depending on if you are in elementry school, high school or collage.

Thus exam are not fit for the purpose of ranking students by knowledge or skills. Big final Exam should abolished. Schools who do better overall get more government funding meaning the already smart students have an advantage over the less achieving schools. This does not give the less achieving schools a chance to do better. This system ensures that the cycle continues for schools, this is unfair as this consequence of worse facilities and staffing Is far more damaging than a student receiving a 'D' grade!

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When students hear of upcoming exams, it usually means that when they go home that night they feel depressed and worried about how well they will do, and they often compare themselves to other students and worry about if they will do as well as their friends. When study begins, it often doesn't stop till midnight, thus leaving the student sleep deprived the next day, it also stops the student from taking in what they are studying. Exams stop a student from functioning properly, and often they are disappointed in their final grade, a reason that exams are bad for the health of students and should be abolished.

Exams should be abolished because it is very stressful. Most of the people sleep less than normal during exam days. Studies have shown that less sleep is very unhealthy. There is also many students that committed suicide caused by the pressure to get a good grade on exams. It show that in many state schools in the UK will be funded depending on how good the scores of their students are.

This puts pressure on the school, teachers, students and parents of the students. Also the teachers are more likely to get upset or angry easily if a student is in danger of failing. Exams do not provide the best possible way for students to retain information. What ends up happening is they learn of pages of information for their exam and end up forgetting it after. Personally I think that continuous assessment would rid of this problem and cause students to properly commit the information to memory. Therefore it is a more appropriate from of assessing students preformance.

As one hears the idea of abolishing tests, something that has become a staple in nearly every publicly-funded school's curriculum, he or she might act in disdain and form an opinion without considering the other side. I ask, dear reader, that you do not fall into this. Continuing the long-standing incorporation of test would be nothing short of counter productive and illogical. First, consider the goal of an exam: to see how much a student knows about a topic.

However, it is a well-known fact that tests are poor at measuring this, proven by a quick search on Google. Along with that, the fact that student's review in the form of studying before an exam renders the true results null. The score of the test is no longer a form of assessment but a counter for the "points" of school, no different than a ball game.

A teacher might award extra credit for trivial matters, skewing the actual result further, or take off for something like poor calligraphy or poor grammar in unrelated areas. This is strongly, strongly illogical. See also how the tests fail in achieving their stated goal. An exam is known for the high levels of stress and anxiety that accompany it.

The ones who score better are not smarter or even better suited, they just happened to handle pressure better. This can be linked to another issue: a test is a single assessment. If a student happens to score poorly due to a bad situation outside of school, the exam no longer is a good index of how well a student knows the material. Yet, the world continues to trot along, smiling with ignorance. An exam has become perverted from the original goal, the score of a children's game with unnaturally high stakes.